The Next Big Thing Crowdfunding TV Show aims to find The Next Big Thing

Business Instincts Group dreams big. According to its promo video on its site, there is no company like it in the world that can take a product from an idea to launch like them. With UrtheCast and Slyce as part of its portfolio, Business Instincts brings some credibility to the stage.

Next up for the Calgary-based design shop is launching ‘The Next BIG Thing’; A Professional Crowdfunding TV Show for Tech Startups. This is reportedly a cross between Shark Tank and Kickstarter style format and will stream online at 7:00pm MST on November 7th.

The Next BIG Thing has a goal to become a comprehensive resource that follows the progress of the startup projects. Each project will initially crowdfund $20,000 through a pledge-based model. The projects will then consider raising additional funds if and when the milestones are met (full refunds will be given if products aren’t delivered).

Originator of The Next BIG Thing, Business Instincts Group’s Chief Intelligence Officer, Paul Readwin, said, “The Next BIG Thing is really about giving people an insight into what it takes for an entrepreneur to turn an idea into a product and then into a profitable business. Our plan is to take the audience on that journey with us over the next year and hopefully see these concepts through to full development and commercialization.”

The host of the show is Joel Smith, who is also Head of Business Development at Business Instincts Group. The startups are Hindsight, which wants people to “own a smartphone enabled backup Camera for your car that will give you peace of mind.” Then, CruzCTL dreams of an electric longboard, “so you can stop pushing and start cruising.”


Ian Hardy

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