The Next 36 Venture Day 2013 is happening August 13th, will be live streamed online

Next Tuesday is a big day for The Next 36 as 18 startups will pitch their ideas to a few angel investors and VCs. The Next 36 ‘Venture Day’ is happening and if you can’t make the event then you’ll probably want to tune into their live stream (link here).

Here’s the complete list of companies vying to grab the attention of investors and each will have about 3-minutes to pitch: Encore, Sesame IO, Needle, Snapy, Seamless Mobile Health, Music Quest, Purchext, Bridgit, Switchpic, Pirate Studios, Phashtag, Glimpse, StoreJay, Bionym, WhatRunsWhere, SharpSchool, Chematria, and Vote Compass.

The event starts off at 8:30am and will also feature a keynote by Brian Scudamore, Co-Founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

Bridgit is bringing the flexibility of mobile devices to construction sites. Bridgit will eliminate many of the costly delays that result from miscommunication on site, by improving communication between contractors through trackable and tagged multimedia messages.

Encore Logo_0
Encore is a concert listing app designed around the experience of live music events. It aggregates photos and videos taken by concert-goers on social media sites (from Instagram to Twitter) to create unique time capsules for these concerts and festivals. Users can find upcoming local events, relive their favorite past shows and share their best music moments with friends.

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Glimpse provides real estate agents with the most comprehensive profiles they’ve ever had of potential homebuyers. We do this by allowing people looking to move the ability to search for the perfect neighbourhood based on their personality, lifestyle, and interests. This saves homebuyers time and money, while providing real estate agents a deeper insight into their clients.

Music Quest is a mobile application for kids 5-10 that gets them excited to practice their musical instruments on a daily basis. Parents are often challenged with getting kids to practice at home, in part because kids don’t feel rewarded for their efforts fast enough. Music Quest uses the music that students produce to power a virtualized pet game that provides a tangible source of rewards for their efforts.

Needle is a platform for hiring creative talent that helps employers and recruiters with the challenges of filling creative positions. They analyze and evaluate millions of creative portfolios to help employers target the right candidates.

As social media becomes increasingly dominated by photos, there needs to be a way for marketers to understand what these photos mean. Phashtag uses proprietary image recognition technology to deconstruct social media photos and pinpoint exactly which brands and products users are interacting with. From this brands discover the most popular social media content, identify trends at an early stage and access detailed analytics.

Purchext is a global digital wallet that enables parents to proactively control their children’s spending. Thanks to their mobile payment application parents have the ability to add flexible controls over their children’s purchases.

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Seamless Mobile Health prevents hospital readmissions. Hospital readmissions cost Canadian and U.S. hospitals $27 billion each year and up to 75% are preventable. Our flagship product is a mobile platform which empowers patients to manage their recovery process after surgery and enables hospitals to catch complications earlier.

Sesame IO is a cloud-based work environment geared towards saving teachers’ time. They allow teachers to create and grade assessment tools online which are tagged to curriculum expectations and learning outcomes; this provides teachers with the ability to visualize alignment with curriculum expectations, and the ability to automatically track students’ progress.

Snapy auto-reconciles payment transaction information from payment gateways into cloud based accounting software. Snapy’s turn-key solution offers users to connect online accounting software such as Quickbooks Online with a payment gateways such as PayPal, then automatically parse through all the payment transactions and automatically map them to particular invoices and sales receipts.

Box It Now offers convenient storage and provides value to customers by facilitating the selling, sharing & gifting of stored items. Instead of paying for a half-empty storage unit, our customers pay $7/month for each box. Our delivery service and web application provides an effortless experience. While traditional storage simply puts away your clutter, we put your clutter to work by recovering monetary and social value.


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