The First Five Colour 3D Printer from Cambridge Is Doing Quite Well on Kickstarter

RoVa3D,  the first “five material/colour liquid cooled 3D printer” from Cambridge’s ORD Solutions, has easily surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $20,000. With 28 days to go the project has already doubled its target, having raised $41, 016.

Last time we checked in on ORD Solutions, they were actually giving away the five-nozzle 3D printer to the person who could think up the best name for it. Sounds like whoever thought of “RoVa3D” will be getting a special surprise in the mail once they’re ready to ship.

The printer features five colours, cooling liquid, all-metal hot ends, an aluminum frame, a large build area, high torque motors, & steel gears.

This isn’t the company’s first go-around on Kickstarter. In October 2013 ORD ran its first Kickstarter for the MH3000R1 3D Printer and raised over $100,000, supplying printers to more than 50 individuals and companies.

“We learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the project. We think we can do even better. While the MH3000R1 is a superior printer, and contains many innovative and unique features, we have more ideas. We also want to apply some of the lessons we learned during this process. So we have designed the RoVa3D (previously labeled the MH3000R2),” wrote ORD Solutions.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.05.24 AM

User can print an object with five different colours throughout the object, without stopping to switch the filament. Just three of the five nozzles for different colours can be used or one larger nozzle can be used for faster infilling with one for a different support material.

“The RoVa3D is not just a printer with more nozzles,” the company wrote. “It is a superior printing platform in every way. The extruders are side mounted, not on the X carriage, to reduce weight and increase speed. The hot ends are all metal so they can print at any temperature up to 450°C!, so you could print in any 3D filament material like polycarbonate or nylon or vinyl or alloys like carbon fiber PLA, plus of course the standard ABS and PLA plastics, and even more materials that have yet to be invented. The build volume is the largest in its class by 50%, providing an excellent price to volume ratio. Our printer is made of extremely sturdy, high quality components, which means it won’t breakdown or wear out even if you are constantly using it.”

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For those who pledge enough to get one of the 3D printers, they’re guaranteed to ship before Christmas.

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