The City of Toronto wants your help to establish a brand for its startup ecosystem

The City of Toronto and advertising agency Cossette have partnered together to help brand Toronto’s startup ecosystem. The official reason behind the initiative is to give “a common identity to the diverse communities of startups and entrepreneurs in Toronto.” It seems clear that Toronto Mayor John Tory is serious about bringing the city up to par with other ecosystems around the world.

A promotional video and survey have been created encouraging Torontonians to compete to give their voice for the future of Toronto. The survey asks questions to discover “which concept overall best represents Toronto’s startup eco-system” and “which concept you believe communicates why a local entrepreneur should start and grow their business in Toronto.”

The initiative hopes to attract global investors to the city with two concepts: DO NORTH and Startup Here.

DO NORTH (Version 1)
The slogan is a call to action to join the entrepreneurial movement that makes Toronto its epicentre. Do North is also a call to bring innovation, development, culture and technology to the city. The tagline of version one of Do North seems to be “Where cutting edge players future think. Toronto — this is the city. Do it all here.”

Dubbed “a bold urban movement,” Do North will focus on many sectors, including fashion, culture, startups, and innovation.

DO NORTH (Version 2)
This second possible version highlights Toronto as “an exciting creative hub.” Option two says it will focus on the “chemistry percolating” across Toronto within founders, makers and inventors. The tagline is “Harness the opportunity,” with an aim to tell a story of Toronto that is unexpected, bold, and captivating.

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Startup Here (Version 1)
Startup Here positions Toronto as a startup itself, allowing startups and businesses around the world will be able to “connect and create right here.” The logo is designed in a way that resembles a T for Toronto, but also an X “that marks the spot.”

Startup Here (Version 2)
Version 2 presents Toronto with “a fresh canvas approach” as a destination for ideas and ripe for the entrepreneurial movement.


Ian Hardy

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