The CDL mentoring session that gave Brice Scheschuk imposter syndrome

MindFrame Connect
Who teaches mentors how to mentor entrepreneurs? Shouldn't we spend more time thinking about that?

Today we talk to Brice Scheschuk about a bad day at the office and what that led to.

If you’re not familiar with that name, you are likely new to Canadian tech. I can’t list all of Brice’s resume but here are some of the highlights: co-founder and CFO of Wind Mobile, managing partner of Globalive Capital, mentor at Creative Destruction Lab Toronto and Atlantic.

“We have really no programming to teach mentors, it’s all tribal.”
– Brice Scheschuk

But it’s that last role, as a mentor, that is the focus of our conversation on this episode.

Brice recounts a mentoring experience that had him shook, questioning everything about the systems we build to support entrepreneurs, and the amount of effort and thought that goes into building those systems.

We also talk about MindFrame Connect, Brice’s new focus, which is partially a manuscript, partially a training program, and partially a government-subsidized experiment to improve the craft of mentorship and create more resilient entrepreneurs.

Let’s dig in.

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Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys is the Editor-in-Chief of BetaKit and founder of BetaKit Incorporated. He has worked for a few failed companies and written about many more. He spends too much time on the Internet.

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