Telus Technology 2019 cohorts pitch at Platform Calgary, Telus event


As part of Platform Calgary’s Telus Innovation Platform 2019, four Telus Technology Incubator (TTI) finalists and nine Telus Technology Accelerator (TTA) cohort members pitched their progress and achievements to an audience of more than 100 people.

“It is through partnerships like the one we share with Telus that we are able to raise the profile of our innovation ecosystem.”

TTA and TTI were created by both Telus and Platform Calgary as eight-month programs designed to incubate or accelerate the development of growth-stage companies with technologies that Telus could potentially use, integrate, or commercialize. The companies pitched to an audience of more than 100 potential clients, investors, Telus executives, partners, and leaders from various tech verticals.

“Telus is passionate about acceleration Canadian innovation. We have partnered with Platform Calgary since 2016 to support this objective and to leverage exciting startup technologies to address our customers’ challenges,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO of Telus. “In doing so we have enabled startup growth, created business value and strengthened the pan-Canadian ecosystem.”

Platform Calgary has partnered with Telus for three years as a support in their effort to better serve the community. Platform Calgary started the TTA program, now finishing its third cohort, in Calgary, and it has since expanded to include tech-enabled startups from across Canada. The incubation program was created specifically for early-stage IoT companies.

“Platform Calgary empowers people building the next economy, bringing people together to collaborate in inspiring spaces dedicated to innovation,” says Terry Rock, president, Platform Calgary. “We provide access to programs, coaching, and connections that build entrepreneurial skills and foster startup growth. It is through partnerships like the one we share with Telus that we are able to raise the profile of our innovation ecosystem.”

Telus also recently partnered with L-Spark, BlackBerry, and Solace to launch the Secure IoT Accelerator program which aims to support IoT ventures by offering them global reach and secure technologies.

The TTA companies from the recent cohort include:

  • The Livestock Water Recycling system: reduces the overall volume of manure, concentrates nutrients, and delivers a renewable, high-quality water source.
  • Mikata Health: frees up doctor and staff time by using tools powered by artificial intelligence to connect with patients.
  • Pitstop: monitors and reports vehicle data, using a mobile app, a telematics device and artificial intelligence.
  • OpenSpot Parking: provides one of the world’s most advanced parking management hardware and software solutions.
  • SoilReader: allows for highly precise analysis of multiple soil constituents, at variable depths, in real time.
  • Tickit Health: improves the delivery of care by helping healthcare organizations gather and analyze information from patients that is difficult or uncomfortable to obtain.
  • Traction Health: offers an activity tracking platform that collects and analyzes movement, biometric, and mood data.
  • Ukko Agro: uses prescriptive disease and pest management models and integrates with external farm equipment via IoT to help farmers to achieve higher yields.
  • Xtract: building a mega deep neural network that scales how machines learn.

    The TTI companies from this year include:

    • ConnecTech IoT: aims to enhance regulatory compliance, workplace safety, and analytics through IoT smart software systems.
    • Ez enRoute: an IoT platform both hardware and software to connect two or more things and collect data to create operational efficiencies.
    • Kornak Technologies: designs and manufactures custom industrial electronics, M2M devices, and microcontroller based products.
    • Lapis Health: uses an IoT software application that automatically detects when a customer is about to have cardiac arrest. They then alert EMS and loved ones of the situation and location, so the patient can get the help they need quickly.
    • MicroMech: connects customers with expert mobile auto mechanics, who provide services directly at the customer’s home or workplace.
    • THIS.IS.IoT: an integrated IoT platform solution provider with a focus on IoT data supply quality and integrity.
    • Unico Power: helps facility owners by reducing demand based electricity charges through the use of an intelligent energy management system. Their current focus is on enabling more electric vehicles to be charged in existing buildings using the existing power infrastructure.
    • BlockTrack: organizes and distributes product information from producer to consumer and beyond using immutable ledger technology to record information.
    • Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Isabelle Kirkwood

Isabelle Kirkwood

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