#TechTO launches #HealthTO and #FinTechTO to encourage more community collaboration

Just two months after the launch of SalesTO, TechToronto has announced the launch of two more offshoot events promising to share important lessons learned from entrepreneurs in specific verticals.

TechToronto is launching HealthTO and FinTechTO, which will be held bimonthly and focus on encouraging “collision” between both startups working in these industries, and large organizations from each sector.

“TechToronto has always maintained a focus on fostering knowledge-driven communities for innovators across the technology sector. As our community grew, more and more people began to express an interest in further connecting specific sectors of the tech industry,” said Marianne Bulger, co-organizer of TechToronto. “Due to popular demand, we’ve partnered up with thought leaders in both the health and finance tech sectors to build specific programs and events, with the goal of further connecting innovators to each other and potential customers in their industry.”

The first HealthTO event will take place on July 20 at Loblaws Digital, focusing on the future of privacy and security in healthcare. Speakers include Aliya Ramji, Director of Legal and Business Strategy at Figure1; Dustin Walper, CEO and co-founder of Akira Medical; Grace Soyao, CEO and founder and Self Care Catalysts; Frank Wang, CEO and founder of ResearchDB.

“HealthTO is a community of innovators and healthcare practitioners who are learning with, from and about each other to create a better future. Innovating is only as good as what’s implemented,” said Maggie Bergoron, co-founder healthSwapp and founding partner of HealthTO. “Practitioners need innovators and innovators need practitioners. We’re bringing them together.”

TechToronto has partnered with FinTech startup Street Contxt to bring back the FintechTO meetups, starting with the first event on August 17. Blair Livingston, CEO of Street Contxt and founder of the original Toronto FinTech meetup, said that “the event will continue to provide one central meeting point for FinTech startups in the city to access advisors and similar-minded people.”

“Our focus early on was definitely on the last of those elements, and we tried to bring in as many experienced founders — such as Michael Stumm at OANDA — to tell their story and share their lessons,” said Livingston. “Finally, we’ve always tried to connect great ideas with capital, which was highlighted in our demo day last year where we had a half dozen investors present to some of the greatest VC’s from Canada and the US, including some of the top names in SF. Toronto has the potential to be a Fintech capital globally – and we’re just trying to do what we can to help with that goal.”

For those looking forward to SalesTO, tickets are still available for its July 19 meetup.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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