Techstars announces 2018 Montreal AI cohort


Techstars has announced the first cohort of its AI program in Montreal.

Announced in March, Techstars and Real Ventures partnered to launch the AI-specific program in the city, which boasts a strong AI ecosystem, including companies like Element AI and a growing presence of labs from Facebook, Google, and Samsung.

The ten selected companies will spend three months in the program, before ending with a Demo Day on December 5.

“At the heart of every Techstars program is a group of strong partners and mentors,” managing director Bruno Morency wrote in a blog post. “We’re grateful for the enthusiasm with which our locally community responded to our call, as well as the strong interest people from out of town showed for contributing to Techstars Montreal as mentors.”

The companies include:

  • Alexsei, which automates the legal research process for lawyers by providing precise answers to complex legal questions.
  • Arctic Fox AI, which is building radiology tools that use AI to assist with diagnosis of neurogenerative diseases.
  • ChefConnie, a conversational cooking assistant that answers kitchen questions.
  • Crescendo, which sends employees personalized diversity training into Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • EatSleepRIDE, which offers a motorcycle GPS that is building a predictive platform to deliver safety to motorcycle riders.
  • Green Eye Technology, which provides precise herbicide application to agriculture companies.
  • Intelistyle, which styles users’ clothes or suggests new clothes to buy based on what they own, body type, and personal style.
  • InVivo, which streamlines pharmaceutical R&D by promising more accurate toxicity screening in the earliest phases of drug development.
  • Mathpix, which digitizes math for documents like assessments, academic research, and STEM related presentations.
  • ThermoAI, which helps plants and manufacturers reduce combustion by providing recommendations to operators in real-time.
  • This cohort of Canadian startups weren’t the only ones to join Techstars this week. Toronto-based Fintros also announced that it joined the Barclays-Techstars accelerator in New York. Branding itself as an “anonymous robo-headhunter,” Fintros’ platform helps finance employers hire passive talent. Fintros candidates remain anonymous until they choose to accept an interview offer and reveal their identity.

    The company also launched its US headquarters in Manhattan.

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