Swimming Canada selects TritonWear as its official training technology


TritonWear, a Toronto-based swim training device manufacturer, has been selected as the official training technology of Swimming Canada, the national governing body of the sport.

The partnership will include product demo booths at Swimming Canada competitions, as well as partnering on video interviews and social media content. TritonWear will also collaborate with Swimming Canada’s High-Performance Centre network to further develop the technology and partnership on the road to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic, and Paralympic Games and beyond.

“This partnership allows us to take that to the next level together, which is incredible.”

“Swimming Canada has been working closely with TritonWear over the past few years,” said Allan Wrigley, Swimming Canada’s integrated support team director. “This technology allows us to gain insights into daily training, and to develop unique training tools that allow our experts to look at details of swimming skill performance that are otherwise extremely difficult to measure and understand.”

TritonWear’s AI-based tools analyze swimmer data and pinpoint opportunities to set goals and track those goals. The company said this technology offers a deeper understanding of each swimmer, and how to get them to swim faster. The company’s Motion Analysis feature uses video along with data for deep skill assessments, to highlight movements that have led to breakthrough performance.

Founded in 2015, TritonWear originally created a wearable device that tracks and collects performance data on an athlete and sends the data to a coach’s tablet. In 2016, the company was named by the Canadian Innovation Exchange as one of the top 20 up-and-coming Canadian companies. It was also a part of CAMP Accelerator’s 2016 cohort in Beijing, China.

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Olympic medallists Brent Hayden and Kylie Masse have reportedly used the system, which consists of a wearable device tucked into a swimmer’s cap, as well as a mobile application. It displays more than a dozen data points in real-time, on deck.

“We’ve already seen great results from our work with Swimming Canada and their high-performance athletes,” said Tristan Lehari, co-founder and CEO of TritonWear. “This partnership allows us to take that to the next level together, which is incredible.”

“I am really looking forward to our teams being able to work shoulder to shoulder right here at home, not only to perfect our offering but also to have an even deeper impact on how our nation performs on the international stage,” Lehari added. “Our new hardware is so much more sophisticated, our new apps offer brand new world-class AI to help coaches and athletes alike become better in the sport, and produce faster swimming.”

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