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500px for Business allows companies to measure which photos turn into purchases(BETAKIT)

500px for Business is a new service that CEO Andy Yang calls a “natural extension” of the company’s community.

Attracting game-changing talent(VOICEOFTHENORTH)

Boyden’s executive tech recruitment experts provide 5 ways to make successful strategic hires. (sponsored)

Slack CMO Bill Macaitis steps down after less than two years(BETAKIT)

According to Macaitis’ LinkedIn, he stepped down in August 2016, and since September has been acting as an advisor to the $3.8 billion company, remaining on its board of directors.

Why the next great SaaS company will look nothing like Salesforce (TECHCRUNCH)

For years, a truism in software investing was that the value of application software lies in data, not in technology. The newest crop of software applications turns this logic on its head.

IndieHackers interview: HumanPredictions(INDIEHACKERS)

Elliott Garms explains how building a strong team with the right domain knowledge helped his recruiting tool hit $18,000/mo in its first year.

Former Vision Critical marketing SVP joins Top Hat as its first CMO(BETAKIT)

Stein has also acted as a senior director of marketing at Salesforce and a director of marketing at Rypple.

Recruitment marketplace Hired adds another $30 million to its Series C pot(VENTUREBEAT)

Hired has announced a fresh batch of funding as the jobs marketplace for techies closes out its Series C round at $70 million.

Why it’s important to constantly monitor your SaaS applications(TALKINCLOUD)

CIOs and IT leaders must avoid the “one and done” mindset when it comes to their SaaS tech stacks.

Guest View: Why developers are struggling with SaaS(SDTIMES)

Many developers are struggling to understand the core essence of the SaaS delivery platform and fail to design robust, scalable and secure architectures for SaaS.

Yottaa raises $13.2 million, looking for more (BIZJOURNALS)

Yottaa is searching for up to $4.5 million more, according to a regulatory filing. The company has raised about $39 million in total funding since it was founded in 2009.

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys is the Editor-in-Chief of BetaKit and founder of BetaKit Incorporated. He has worked for a few failed companies and written about many more. He spends too much time on the Internet.

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