Slack CMO Bill Macaitis steps down after less than two years

According to a report from Business Insider, Slack CMO Bill Macaitis — who has been with the company since November 2014 — has quietly stepped down.

According to his LinkedIn, he stepped down in August 2016, and since September has been acting as an advisor to the $3.8 billion company and remains on its board of directors. “Bill continues to be closely engaged with Slack, and is also following a passion of his to mentor other high growth startups by serving as formal board members and advisor roles,” a Slack spokesperson told BI.

“Board and Advisor roles also give me a little more flexibility for time with the family while still allowing me to stay actively involved in the SaaS space which I love so much,” Macaitis said. “I have a deep passion for igniting and scaling growth at companies and it’s fun to mentor and guide other startups.”

Slack confirmed it has not yet replaced Macaitis. The change comes as Slack takes on major enterprises like Facebook and Microsoft, which recently announced their own Slack competitors. For its part, Slack published a full-page open letter in the New York Times welcoming the competition from Microsoft. Microsoft has referred to Slack as an “application du jour” that will fade away as Microsoft Teams grows.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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