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Shopify would rather buy Google than be bought by Google(BETAKIT)

In a recent BNN interview, Shopify’s chief financial officer Russ Jones shot down the idea of a Google acquisition by stating that, if anything, the reverse might happen in the future (especially with Shopify’s 89 percent YOY Q3 revenue growth).

What are the best practices for SaaS subscription billing?(VOICEOFTHENORTH)

The age of manual billing is becoming history, especially in a subscription-based economy. (sponsored)

L-SPARK’s Leo Lax says SaaS North is the destination for Canada’s growing SaaS community(BETAKIT)

BetaKit sat down with L-SPARK’s Executive Managing Director, Leo Lax, to learn why now was the time for a national SaaS event with a global focus.

From mobile first to mobile native(BENEVANS)

What happens if you just forget about the PC altogether? But also, what happens if you forget about feature phones?

Zarget raises $6 million, aims to make anyone a digital marketer(BUSINESS-STANDARD)

“Our aim is to make it easy and affordable for any person or business to access the solutions they need to increase engagement and drive revenue across their websites,” said Arvind Parthiban, co-founder & CEO.

Shopify’s Satish Kanwar speaks candidly on the long, emotional road of being acquired(BETAKIT)

Thinking back on the path to acquisition, Kanwar noted there were six key steps – interest, offer, due diligence, announcement, integration, and future plans.

FreshDesk raises $55 million for its customer support SaaS platform(VENTUREBEAT)

The capital will be used to feed FreshDesk’s two newest products, Hotline.io and FreshService. With five “global offices” in San Bruno, London, Sydney, Chennai, and Berlin, the startup said the money will help FreshDesk grow its teams across the world.

Waterloo-based Axonify raises $36 million to accelerate growth of employee knowledge platform(BETAKIT)

The round was led by JMI Equity, a growth equity firm focused on investing in leading software companies, and existing investor BDC Capital through the BDC IT Venture Fund.

Replicated raises $5 million for its product taking SAAS products out of the cloud(TECHCRUNCH)

Replicated recently launched from beta and will use the fresh $5 million commitment from Amplify Partners and Webb Investment Network to continue its sales and marketing and product development efforts.

Slack publishes full-page open letter in New York Times as Microsoft launches its competitor(BETAKIT)

The ad, which was also posted to Slack’s official blog, features excerpts like, “Wow. Big news! Congratulations on today’s announcements. We’re genuinely excited to have some competition.”

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