“Startupong” is a new social event for Toronto startups

Looks like the new trend in the startup community is the fierce sport of ping pong. This could be a “West Coast vs. East Coast” rivalry. Earlier this week a tournament was announce called “TechPong” that will see 400+ elite from the Vancouver tech scene battle it out to raise $50 for various charities, but now a social event has been formed to bring like-minded people together.

“Startupong” is an idea created by Toronto-based Uberflip. The goal is for the Toronto startup community to spend a night together to “have a few beers, and hurl tiny white balls at each other – all in the interest of having a great time and connecting with awesome people who are as excited about emerging technology as we are.”

The official date is October 22nd and registration is free. The experience will happen at Spin in Toronto on October 22nd and registration is free.

Randy Frisch, COO of Uberflip, stated, “We wanted to find a way to give back and strengthen the relationship between Toronto startups. There are so many people I speak with that want to know more about us and other cool startups in the area. We can learn a lot from each other. Too many events are focused only on founders. Startupong is for everyone else – people who are part of a startup now or looking to move into the startup world.”

Source: Startupong


Ian Hardy

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