Startup jobs of the week: ZEITDICE, 88 Creative, Grow, LemonStand, Urbery


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Here are the latest job postings:


ZEITDICE is looking for a VP of marketing

ZEITDICE, which creates a smart timelapse camera for capturing extended periods of time, is looking for a VP of marketing to help the company build their story. The ZEITDICE VP of marketing will be responsible for developing a brand that encapsulates “the power of timelapse photography”, build a compelling story, and architect a go-to-market strategy and deliver an execution plan to bring our products to market. The ideal candidate would have at least three years of experience and demonstrated results in brand development.

88 Creative is looking for a full-time bookkeeper

88 Creative’s bookkeeper will be responsible for general cash flow management and accounts payables responsibilities, and will be responsible for payroll, booking 88 Creative events, and managing orders for the office. The company is looking for a candidate with a positive attitude, equipped with one to two years of experience and a degree in a related field.

Urbery is looking for a CTO

Grocery and alcohol delivery platform Urbery is looking for a CTO to lead its entire technology roadmap. Urbery’s CTO ideally has past experience as a CTO, head of engineering or an early engineer and a successful consumer-facing startup. The applicant should also have five years experience in software and mobile app development and three years of experience in managing developers.


Grow is looking for a credit analyst and client care manager

Grow Financial, which recently announced a partnership with First West Credit Union , is looking for a credit analyst and client care manager to work on the front lines of interacting with current and prospective clients. The manager will spend a majority of their time working in credit underwriting, but will also spend time acting as the first point of contact for Grow’s applicants.

LemonStand is looking for a senior full stack developer

LemonStand is looking for a senior software developer to help it ship new features for its thousands of customers every week while they work with LemonStand’s passionate dev team. The company says the position requires at least five years of experience in large-scale web application development and knowledge in WS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, MySQL.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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