Startup jobs of the week: York Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Policy Medical, Maluuba, Manifold

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Here’s our regular roundup of some of the top startup job postings we’ve recently received here at BetaKit. If you’re a candidate looking for a position at a Canadian startup, this is where you ought to be looking – and if you’re a recruiter or company in need of some top candidates, head over to the BetaKit Job Board and make your posting!

The current jobs of the week:


York Entrepreneurship Development Institute – Program Coordinator

This accelerator is looking for a strong multitasker who can manage various programs, execute programming and events, and ensure that program participants are on-task. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in business development, community development, entrepreneurship education, and not-for-profit management. Apply by October 31st!

Policy Medical Inc. – Marketing Manager

This well-connected healthcare software company is in need of a manager who’s passionate about the industry and gets motivated by the team around them. This is a leadership role, with the expectation that you are proactively driving new activities and ideas that will create growth. If you’re a fast-paced, high-energy marketing guru who loves the SAAS tech world, this job may be right for you.


Maluuba Inc. – Platform Product Manager

Maluuba is looking for a talented and motivated product manager to build the next generation of technology from the ground up. You’ll be developing a detailed product roadmap and strategy for Maluuba’s platform, among other tasks. If you have at least two years of product management experience and a working knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you could be a great fit. You can also be based in Montreal for this role.

Maluuba – User Experience Designer

The second posted opening at Maluuba needs someone who can design a suite of applications and tools that will enable Maluuba engineers and third-party developers to build complex deep-learning applications. You’ll need an undergraduate degree in computer science, design or a related technical field, as well as experience designing, prototyping, and advocating attractive user experiences.


Manifold – Senior Software Engineer

Manifold is looking for a software engineer to join their small engineering team — particularly one who wants to be relentlessly focused on delivering the best possible products and open source tools for managing application configuration. You’ll need to have a full command of Git, GitHub, and Continuous Integration / Deployment based workflows, along with the proven ability to self-direct.

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