Startup jobs of the week: Hootsuite, Breather, Financeit, Grow, TribalScale


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Here are the latest job postings:


Grow is looking for a client care manager

Grow, formerly known as Grouplend, is looking for a client care manager to stay on the front lines of interacting with current and prospective clients. The primary goal, according to Grow, is to “create as much goodwill as possible,”. Expect to be the first point of contact for clients, provide timely feedback to engineering and marketing teams, and review loan applications and collaborate with the credit team. The manager should have previous experience in sales and marketing, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and experience in finance.


Breather is looking for a digital ads manager

The digital ads manager at Breather has the fun job of being responsible of deploying strategy, development, and deployment of digital ad campaigns on social media. Equipped with an intuitive sense of media optimization and, as a self-described “adtech geek”, the digital ads manager will work closely with the creative, product, engineering and business intelligence teams to drive acquisition of new Breather members and engage Breather’s existing member base.


Hootsuite is looking for a social media strategist

As a social media strategist in a major social media company, the social media strategist will work with customers to reach social media goals, have social media experience in the financial or healthcare sectors, and have a love of learning. The ideal candidate would have prior experience with social media networks, relevant work experience or a degree, and strong presentation skills.

Financeit is looking for a marketing manager

Financeit is looking for a marketing manager with at least five years of experience in the field, a strong understanding of marketing process and workflows, and of course, a positive attitude. With this experience, the company will expect that candidate to manage and execute integrated strategic marketing plans for awareness, acquisition and growth campaigns, solicit input from key internal stakeholders, and manage, track and report metrics and success criteria for marketing programs and activities.

TribalScale is looking for a junior mobile QA

Working in the heart of the downtown, the junior mobile QA will discover bugs and crashes in TribalScale products and perform story verification in an Agile development environment. TribalScale is looking for someone with deep mobile knowledge, with knowledge of Android Studio, Xcode, Ruby, Cucumber or Javascript being a plus, and the ability to learn quickly.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.