Startup job spotlight: finance manager at Uberflip


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Right now, Uberflip is hiring a finance manager. We talked to Uberflip VP of finance, Braedon Hebert, about the best parts of working there.


What’s the first thing that you tell employees to get them excited on their first day?

One of the first thing’s someone would be introduced to is the culture by our co-founders. We’re big on HUSTLE here at Uberflip, and someone would start to drink our pink Kool-Aid by getting walked through our culture deck.

What are some company perks?

With our product, we believe that a better experience equals a better outcome, and the same goes for our environment. People can expect a casual workplace — we work at our best when we’re comfortable, so we’ve thrown any sort of dress code to the wind! People can also expect an abundance of beer and snacks, as well as regular team events. Whether it’s watching the Jays game, or throwing axes, our team always knows how to unwind after getting stuff done!

What makes the finance team so dynamic?

We’re a lean team that’s part of a growing company. We have to deal with the typical finance problems such as closing the books, chasing overdue payments or creating a new forecast, but with our lean team there’s a good breadth of experiences across all those finance and accounting functions. We also get involved operationally with other groups such as our sales or customer success teams, which is always interesting.

In what ways do you help to foster personal and/or professional growth in your team?

We actually use a tool created by another great Canadian company called 7Geese, which allows us to give each other recognition, set OKRs, and have open communication and transparency when it comes to what we’re working on. If someone’s really kicking ass, they’ll receive a shout out so that the entire team knows. Also, everyone has the opportunity to set personal goals, and tie them to department and organization-wide, which keeps the entire team on the same page and striving towards doing their best.

What’s your favourite part about working at Uberflip?

The people for sure, but that’s the obvious choice! What I love compared to my previous experiences is really being able to see the tangible results of my efforts. It’s motivating to feel like part of a team and that you’re adding value versus just keeping score. Plus, I’m able to joke around with the whole team on a regular basis which people seem to enjoy — or at least pretend to.

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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