Startup job spotlight: content marketer at Granify


With startups leading the way in Canadian innovation, every day, BetaKit does its part to help fill the talent gap with our BetaKit Job Board.

To highlight some of the great places prospective employees can work at across Canada, we’ll put one startup in the spotlight each week to find out what makes their company tick.

Right now, Granify is hiring a content marketer. We talked to head of sales Chris Fletcher and marketing manager Heather Whyte about the best parts of working there.

If someone were to come in to work for Granify on their first day, what’s the first thing you tell them to get them excited to work there?

Granify is the only company doing what we do, and we’re on track to be the industry leaders in a market that’s expected to be as large as $15.3 billion by 2019. We have a team of incredibly motivated and ambitious people with backgrounds at companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and AdRoll who are all working towards a common goal and vision.

Right from your first day, you have incredible opportunities to develop ideas, get involved, and make an impact. There’s no better place to hit the ground running!

What are some company perks that people can expect when working at Granify?

Full health benefits, flexible remote working policies, three times a week catered lunches, Booster Juice Wednesday, in-office massages, cleaners sent to your house bi-weekly and a really wicked office with a rooftop patio in the middle of the best part of Edmonton.

When working as part of the content marketing team team, what kind of problems could the content marketer expect to tackle? What makes the team so dynamic?

Right now, Granify has the potential to be an industry leader, as no other company has really taken the lead in marketing through artificial intelligence. This means that those in the marketing team will have to be very creative with industry research and will have to work closely with our data team to pull out relevant insights, creating content that establishes us as the experts in our space.

In what ways do you help to foster personal and/or professional growth in your team?

We have a very open culture of feedback and learning across all the departments in our team, so most learning is done through impromptu conversations and break-off meetings. We also work closely with Startup Edmonton, our local accelerator, to facilitate discussions and educational seminars for team members. Lastly, we have a full library of technical, business and marketing books that our team members can take home to improve.

What’s your favourite part about working with the Granify team?

The fact that everyone on the team understands why and how we’re doing what we’re doing, and that a culture of failing fast and moving on is alive and well. Everyone is expected to use their own thoughts, creativity, and ideas to improve the facets of the business they have control over with a lot of freedom and autonomy. Our team also has really great taste in beer.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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