SocialFolders Introduces SoundCloud Integration

SocialFolders, the startup that’s aiming to be the cloud-based repository of all of your social network information and media, is announcing a partnership with SoundCloud that integrates the audio-focused social tool into its cloud storage system. Adding SoundCloud to the mix means that SocialFolders users can now instantly backup and share SoundCloud audio, which has big implications for people using the service in a collaborative way.

Now SoundCloud users will be able to automatically access their SoundCloud files offline via their desktops, so long as they have the SocialFolders app installed on their Mac or Windows PC. It’s a definite time-saver for users of the voice, music or other audio-sharing service, since it helps ensure there’s always a local copy of whatever SoundCloud users create. Backing up data stored in social networks is something that not only makes it easy for users to share things in multiple locations, but also protects them in case networks shut down and announce a termination of service.

SocialFolders co-founder and COO Martin Pannier told BetaKit that SoundCloud integration also made sense because the company’s model applies even better to audio than it does to photos.

“Sound creators use all kind of desktop apps to edit and mix their works,” he said. “Audio files are bigger, so it’s much easier to upload in the background than waiting in front of the browser. And subscribing to other creators becomes even cooler when you can automatically get a local copy of their tracks (or of your favorite tracks), to play it offline or to incorporate it in your own work.”

Pannier also added that “SoundCloud acknowledged right away the benefit for their users and offered to help” the cloud storage company maximize the usefulness of its service integration. SoundCloud was among the most-requested additions from SocialFolders’ current user base, Pannier said, which is another reason it was chosen.

While social networks are an early focus, Pannier says that what really differentiates SocialFolders from companies like Dropbox, Microsoft’s Skydrive and Box is its “cross-cloud” approach. In other words, the company is hoping to provide one-stop access to all your cloud-stored information, data and media, no matter where it resides. Rather than being worried about Dropbox or others offering similar social network integrations, Pannier said SocialFolders is hoping to eventually be able to offer its users access to those services as well as its current social connections.

The company wouldn’t discuss current user numbers, but Pannier did reveal that SocialFolders has so far seen 13.5 million files transferred since its public launch in September, and that there are currently over 10 million active files managed by the service. As for what’s next for the company, he said the team’s current focus is on making “the system more reliable, more scalable and faster,” and on building out the feature set of existing services. After that, though, he said they’ll pay attention to the community, which is currently requesting integration of Tumblr, 500px, Skydrive and VKontakte (Russia’s Facebook equivalent).

With juggling various social networks becoming almost a full-time gig, SocialFolders’ one-stop management will help users easily migrate between them, ensure their information is preserved despite changing fortunes, and cross-post to multiple services at once. Its long-term success will depend on making sure it offers the integrations users are looking for, and convincing them that trusting individual services alone is both inefficient and risky.

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