Social entertainment app, MadLipz, integrates Kin cryptocurrency

Kin and MadLipz

MadLipz, a social entertainment platform that allows users to create and share instant voiceovers, has announced that its integration of Kin cryptocurrency is now live in the app.

The company’s partnership with The Kin Foundation, which was formed late last year, will allow Kin cryptocurrency to be used as a rewards mechanism within the app.

“With Kin, users can now show support to other users beyond simply giving likes and posting comments.”

From the Kin integration, MadLipz users will now be able to earn, send, and receive Kin crypto within the app. MadLipz, which aims to be the ultimate parody app, is part of a group of design partners that the Kin team is working with to help create user-centric, in-app experiences.

“We are really excited to partner with MadLipz because we see it as a perfect fit for the Kin Ecosystem,” said Noa Kessler, product manager at Kin Ecosystem. Kessler noted that this is the first time Kin has been integrated into an onboarding experience, becoming “an integral part of the app.”

Toronto-based MadLipz was first launched as a creation tool in 2016 by Amir Alikhanzadeh, Amirali Afshar, and Shahed Doroudi, who all met while attending the University of Toronto. The company added social features to the app last year. The platform allows users to create videos, called “lipz,” that are limited to 15 seconds. Sixty million lipz have been created in the app and approximately 200,000 lipz are created daily by its 40 million users. Its app is available on Android and iOS.

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The company is now part of the current cohort of Techstars Toronto, which is expected to host its demo day on May 2. In 2016, MadLipz participated in Ideaboost, an accelerator that aims to support startups building technology-based media and entertainment products and services. Last August, the company raised its first funding round from a small group of New York City-based angel investors and the Canadian Film Centre. The funding amount was not disclosed.

“Gamification is a natural next step in developing our social platform and encouraging content creation by empowering the creative members of our community,” said Alikhanzadeh, co-founder and CEO of MadLipz. “With Kin, users can now show support to other users beyond simply giving likes and posting comments.”

Alikhanzadeh said the Kin integration is expected to be followed by more partnerships for MadLipz.

Image courtesy MadLipz.

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