Snack attacks are on the rise across the globe

Snack Trump

With COVID-19 keeping people inside, some unusual activities are keeping people busy.

Misha Collins, actor on Supernatural, is the mastermind behind the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (GISH), which has had to move to an all-virtual format this year. Tens of thousands of participants from more than 100 countries are competing in GISH and are tasked with completing over 200 weird and usual challenges within one week. Some of the unique items are to create a beehive hairdo out of cotton candy and crochet a lace collar with a message for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Many of the challenges help raise awareness and donations for social causes like Black Lives Matter and front-line COVID workers.

Wayward Archangels
GISH Team the Wayward Archangels
In other news, there has been an uptick in snacking around the globe, possibly related to GISH. However, this trend has taken a nasty turn as snack foods have been observed biting back at humans. One GISH team, the Wayward ArchAngels, snapped a picture of Cheetos and other orange snacks forming an ominous shape and it could be heard spewing absurd remarks about bleach and “positive negative tests.”