SmartTones wants to help TV broadcasters connect with mobile audiences

SmartTones, a recent pitch on The Disruptors, wants to give advertisers and broadcasters the ability to deliver personalized content by measuring their responses.

The Toronto-based company allows broadcasters and advertisers to connect with audiences by providing them with relevant content and measuring their responses. The solution picks up triggers based on the shows consumers are watching or listening to, and delivers “triggers” or calls to action on the consumer’s phone like games, coupons, and instant purchases.

“We are disrupting the way audiences are measured, which to date has been a broad estimate. Now with the power of the internet and mobile devices, we’re able to get detailed analytics on how people respond to what they see and what actions they take, and most importantly, who they are,” said Daryl Hemingway, the CEO at SmartTones.

Co-host Bruce Croxon says SmartTones is tackling a real issue through its analytics platform.

“We’ve been hearing it for years now — anyone that’s in the content business, trying to make the link between the content you’re putting out there and the viewership so you can package it up in a way that makes sense for advertisers,” said Croxon. “What I’m taking from this is they’ve come up with a way to engage the audience, and most importantly, measure how many people are consuming the content.”

Watch the full pitch below:

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