SMART Technologies Joins Google for Education Partner Program

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Calgary-based SMART Technologies, a provider of education collaboration solutions, announced that it is among a group of partners selected as part of the Google for Education Partner program.

The program allows its partners to optimize their products for Google for Education, as Google seeks companies that can effectively extend its reach in the education space. The move comes as a result of integration between Google Classroom, which is part of Google Apps for Education, and SMART amp, a tablet created for teachers to easily add interactive lessons and track progress, while students can also collaborate.

“With SMART amp, we leverage the benefits Google Classroom provides to classroom workflow, and build upon it with a naturally collaborative environment for teaching and learning,” said Greg Estell, president of Education at SMART Technologies. “SMART amp builds on the Google Classroom experience by providing a space for students to complete projects collaboratively. Teachers can use SMART amp to group students, take and pass control of the workspace and draw attention to what other groups are doing by presenting their material to the whole class. SMART amp includes formative assessment tools and allows for teachers or students to embed, extract and play a Notebook file on any device.”

As a partner of the Google for Education program, SMART Technologies has access to Google for Work and Education Connect, Google’s community for partners to access marketing campaigns and support programs, a console to manage customer accounts, and ongoing program communications.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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