#smallrooms Podcast: Nima Gardideh of Suto on bots and YC Fellowships

#smallrooms podcast

Host Rob Kenedi has a coffee with Nima Gardideh of Suto, an SMS-based bot that recommends the best product to buy.

Gardideh has just pivoted away from this particular business and describes how it worked and why it made sense to move on. He also discusses what he had learned from Venio, an Extreme Startups cohort member and his first startup, and how to wind one down with employees and investors. Gardideh also describes being a product manager at very successful Canadian startups Frank + Oak and Taplytics, and how he applied all of those learnings to his venture while he took it through the Y Combinator Fellowship program.

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Entrepreneurs in Small Rooms Drinking Coffee, or #smallrooms, is a live, unfiltered podcast where Rob Kenedi talks candidly with entrepreneurs and investors about the details of starting a tech company. Get into the trenches with founders going through the process of building a technology company in real time.

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