#smallrooms Podcast: Ivan Tsarynny of PostBeyond on bootstrapping an enterprise startup

#smallrooms podcast

Rob Kenedi talks to Ivan Tsarynny, founder of PostBeyond, a platform that allows enterprises to manage workforce communications and drive employee advocacy.

Tsarynny describes actually doing customer validation of a problem before building a startup, then using a subsequent accelerator to grow their sales. He also describes how to navigate an enterprise sales process while building a bootstrapped startup, when to ultimately get investment, how to sift through conflicting advice, and what employees to hire in the early days.

Entrepreneurs in Small Rooms Drinking Coffee, or #smallrooms, is a live, unfiltered podcast where Rob Kenedi talks candidly with entrepreneurs and investors about the details of starting a tech company. Get into the trenches with founders going through the process of building a technology company in real time.

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