Slack reveals 11 more companies backed through its $106 million fund

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In a blog post, Slack has revealed 11 new companies backed through its $106 million ($80 million USD) Slack Fund, which the company launched in December 2015.

The fund is dedicated to early-stage investments in companies building apps in Slack. In late July, the company revealed that it invested $2 million in 14 Slackbot startups.

The latest Slackbot companies to receive funding include:

  • Statsbot: an analytics bot that connects with Mixpanel, Salesforce, and Google Analytics so you can receive actionable alerts about data or query reports directly from Slack.
  • SwayFinance: Keeps you up to date with your company’s financial health without leaving Slack or constantly pinging your finance team.
  • Guru: creates a searchable knowledge base for your team based on conversations in Slack.
  • Bold: an internal blog for your team’s knowledge and big ideas. Write rich content on Bold that automatically gets pushed to the appropriate Slack channel(s) to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Demisto: helps give the Security Operations team peace of mind by automatically alerting users if a malicious URL or file is shared in Slack.
  • DataFox: automates prospecting by providing real-time alerts for the companies you care about. Customize notifications so you know the right time to reach out to find and win more business.
  • Troops: helps sales teams work smarter by bringing Salesforce data into Slack so you can search records, schedule automatic reports, and celebrate company wins.
  • WorkRamp: helps companies build the best sales teams with a next-generation training platform built on Slack. Create training and development paths to keep employees engaged and get visibility into how your team is progressing.
  • Synervoz: is an always-on voice chat platform that helps distributed teams communicate spontaneously.
  • Twine bridges the gap between your conference room and Slack. Plug Twine into your HDMI port then start a video call, share content, or move rooms all without leaving Slack.
  • Donut helps your team build strong relationships by pairing teammates for coffee (or donuts!) on a regular basis.
Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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