ScribbleLive talks about the changing nature of publishing on #TheDisruptors


ScribbleLive has come a long way from its founding in 2008. While it started as a liveblogging platform, ScribbleLive has evolved into a company that provides a whole suite of marketing services, including real-time syndicated content, for brands. With revenue of about $20 million and partners like Google, ScribbleLive is now a publishing force to be reckoned with, as they help marketers and publishing make more engaging content.

The Disruptors host Bruce Croxon sat down with CEO Vincent Mifsud, who replaced former ScribbleLive founder and CEO Michael De Monte in 2014.

“Lots of marketers and publishers want their content to reside on multiple properties. They want it to reside on their web property, maybe on a mobile device, and out on the socials,” Mifsud said. “So we’re the software the aggregates it, creates the experience, and publishes it.”

“There’s the rapid nature of it, and then there’s the quality. We’re trying to deliver both.” – Vincent Mifsud, CEO of ScribbleLive

As more people consume ‘snippets’ of content, Croxon wondered if this meant that ScribbleLive services would make this snippet-like style more popular, or if they would actually make it easier to have higher-quality, in-depth content.

“I think both,” said Mifsud. “I think people want content in smaller increments and in more real time. The amount of attention that people can spend on content is reduced. And then, people want quality content. They want content that is important to them and connects them to the brand, so there is both dimensions. There’s the rapid nature of it, and then there’s the quality. We’re trying to deliver both.”

And while publishing and media is an industry that is increasingly under pressure, Mifsud said that ScribbleLive will continue to find opportunities in the space. “There’s a lot of movement from non-digital ways to connect with audiences over to digital, so we’re helping them make that transition,” Mifsud said. “There’s also the mechanisms to connect publishers to brands, because they have great assets. They have great writers and they know how to cover stories, they have good audiences that know how to engage, and we actually help connect those two together.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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