Scribblelive acquires Visually and expands its Silicon Valley presence


While US-based acquisitions of Canadian companies has been the norm over the past year, ScribbleLive’s latest acquisition demonstrates how some Canadian companies are quietly determined to dominate the US market.

Liveblogging platform ScribbleLive has acquired startup San Francisco-based Visually, according to a report from TechCrunch. Visually is a marketplace where businesses can connect with freelancers to create infographics, videos, presentations, or e-books. As the ScribbleLive platform is broad and includes services like data analytics to determine successful content and real-time syndicated content — but does not provide actual content creation services — the acquisition will help fill that gap for ScribbleLive.

While Visually will continue to operate separately, it will increasingly become integrated with ScribbleLive’s products. Most of the Visually team will join ScribbleLive except for departments like finance, which are already available at ScribbleLive. Visually CEO Matt Cooper will continue to lead Visually while also taking charge of ScribbleLive’s content marketplace. VP of marketing Ural Cebeci will take the helm as VP of marketing for the combined company.

“The winner in the market is going to be the company that executes on the platform side with scale and size,” ScribbleLive CEO Vincent Mifsud told TechCrunch. “That platform has to be powered with math and data science. That’s a key element of our differentiation as well.”

ScribbleLive has previously taken steps to set itself up to become a major content player, including the recent announcement of a partnership with Google. ScribbleLive’s most recent acquisition was a $35 million Series D.

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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