ScribbleLive acquires ion interactive to expand its content creation platform


Toronto-based ScribbleLive has acquired ion interactive, a Florida-based enterprise SaaS platform.

ion interactive allows marketers to produce interactive content like infographics and quizzes, while integrating advertising, email, CRM, and marketing automation systems for more targeted content. While the acquisition price wasn’t disclosed, ScribbleLive says this is its largest acquisition to date, adding 50 ion interactive employees and 250 enterprise customers like Salesforce and Starbucks.

“Buyers actually need to interact with a brand about 10 to 15 times before they buy a product,” said Vincent Mifsud, CEO of ScribbleLive. “At ScribbleLive, we want to help content-focused teams move beyond developing one-off experiences, and consider their interactive brand as an opportunity to quickly drive relevant experiences and revenue. Every buyer touchpoint is an opportunity for insight and understanding.”

ScribbleLive has made several acquisitions over the past year, including UK-based LinkDex, and San Francisco-based Visually. Visually, which a marketplace that allows marketers to connect with freelancers to create infographics, presentations, and e-books, is expected to particularly benefit.

“At ScribbleLive, we are helping businesses make content their competitive advantage. Adding ion interactive’s deep expertise and innovative technology is an exciting opportunity to help our customers create truly relevant and effective content,” said Mifsud. “We welcome the fantastic ion teams in Boca Raton, Florida and Boston to the ScribbleLive family and look forward to working together.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.

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