Scale AI, partners invest $29 million into five artificial intelligence projects

Five projects have received $29 million in funding from Scale AI and a number of partner companies to support the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). Scale AI invested $9 million, with other partners investing $20 million.

Scale AI invested $9 million in the projects and partners invested $20 million.

Scale AI is an investment and innovation hub that aims to accelerate the adoption and integration of AI technology. Overall, 40 partners, including companies, consultancies, research partners, and business partners, are taking part in each of the five projects.

“The new partnerships are a testament to the supercluster’s convening power,” said Navdeep Bains, Canada’s minister of innovation, science, and industry. “These collaborations are sustaining SCALE AI’s momentum, driving innovation and contributing to Canada’s leadership and growth in the emerging field of artificial intelligence.”

Scale AI is part of the federal government’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative. In 2018, the federal government committed $230 million to Scale AI over five years, and additional funding of $53.4 million was also granted by the Government of Quebec. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Scale AI has still been actively investing in projects and funded several projects that specifically address the pandemic. The five latest projects receiving funding are:

Smart supply chain for the minerals and metals sector

This initiative, being led by Optel Group, is aimed to enable the digitization of the mineral and metal value chain in order to secure supply chains and improve their performance. Partners on the project include the Aluminium Association of Canada, Laserax, Lithion Recycling, Université Laval, and SmartyfAI. This project is receiving $5.4 million from Scale AI and $16.6 million in total funding.

Port Logistics Optimization Tool

This project is being led by the Montreal Port Authority. Its partners include Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, Canscan, EI Systems, and Termont. The project will focus on taking a more data-driven approach to the movement of containers through the Port of Montreal’s network. This project is receiving $1.3 million from Scale AI and $2.7 million in total funding.

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Demand forecasting and real-time monitoring in retail businesses

Led by FIND A.I., this project will predict and manage consumer demand for retailers in the apparel, footwear, and accessories space. Partners on the project include Pr Chi-Guhn Lee, Pacific West Commercial Corporation, Boathouse Apparel, Cook Culture Ltd, Bella Group, Plenty Apparel, and Purdy’s. Scale AI is investing $1 million in this project, for a total investment of $4.5 million.

An AI-based prediction platform for driving supply chain efficiencies

Fleet Complete will lead this project that will create a scalable solution to provide advanced brake and tire prognostics to fleet owners and managers. Project partners include Pitstop, Sensata, NPL Canada, and Superior Propane. Scale AI is investing $900,000, for a total investment of $3.6 million.

Intelligent forecasting for a more reliable supply chain

This project will work on Distribution Pharmaplus’ Alter Ego Pharma solution that aims to improve the drug distribution chain. Project partners include Groupe Horizon Santé, Pharmacie SM, CS et AP Inc, Sodan Conseillers TI, and Thales Digital Solutions. The project is receiving $800,000 from Scale AI, and $1.6 million in total funding.

“Things are moving fast. Now we see the first concrete results and how the success of the early adopters has inspired new projects on an increasingly large scale,” said Julien Billot, CEO of Scale AI.

“Our team is enthusiastic about the diversity of the projects in which we have invested, big and small, and coming from all sectors,” Billot added. “The five projects announced today, representing total investments of $29 million, illustrate this trend and the accelerated pace of growth we are experiencing in all our programs.”

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