SaneBox Adds Dropbox Integration to Its Cure for Dysfunctional Email

Email management tool SaneBox today unveiled its new Dropbox integration, a feature that lets users authorize SaneBox with their Dropbox account to automatically store attachments in the cloud, and make them shareable from there via a Dropbox link. It’s a move designed to make attachments easier to organize, less taxing on bandwidth and local storage, and generally better than they have been in the past, which is pretty much par for the course for the company, which tries to take away the pain of working with email.

SaneBox works a little like Gmail’s own Priority Inbox, but with extra features including granular control over how users train their inbox to prioritize messages, filtering email from a wide variety of services using email header information to determine importance. It can also prioritize messages from people users are connected to on social networks if accounts are linked, and shut down spam email or unsubscribe from specific senders permanently using the SaneBox “Black Hole” feature. Back in May, the company also introduced new reminders features, as well as an email snooze button to let you file things away for later but not forget about them.

The new Dropbox integration is, like most of SaneBox’s feature, a direct result of user input. SaneBox VP of Growth Dmitri Leonov explained in an interview that the company is very much focused on addressing problems specifically raised by its users.

“We’ve kept building stuff over time that our users have asked for, and this was definitely one of them,” he said. “There are two major problems with attachments. Number one is that they’re too hard to find, and number two is that they just take up too much space.” That space concern isn’t as much of an issue if you’re running Gmail in a browser, but a huge local client archive get unwieldy fast.

To solve those issues, SaneBox now provides the ability to automatically grab attachments over a certain size set by the user, as well as include a Dropbox link in the original message, and even remove all attachments altogether, which should really streamline the product for enterprise and professional users who are sharing a lot of files back-and-forth. With this new Dropbox integration, Sanebox is trying to solve a similar problem to, which tries to make attachments easily searchable and accessible via cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, though it only works with Gmail at the moment.

Dropbox is just the first possible integration for Sanebox along these lines, and Leonov admitted that additional connections to other popular services like Box and Google Drive also make a lot of sense for future options. SaneBox also recently introduced an enterprise version of its product, which Leonov says is gaining steam, and integrating with other tools that have made major inroads to enterprise starting as a product targeted at individual users is a smart way to capitalize on bring-your-own-device and -software trends.

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