Saint Mary’s University “Startup 100” program aims to launch 100 businesses in 100 days

A tall task is almost underway at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. A new student-led program, dubbed the “Startup 100,” has SMU students seeking passionate entrepreneurs across Nova Scotia to create 100 new ventures across the province in 100 days.

The Startup 100 officially begins February 20th and is expected to end late May. The program itself will operate out of the Sobey School Business Development Centre and is in partnership with the Government of Nova Scotia. According to the Chronicle Herald, Economic and Rural Development and Tourism is assisting the program with $22,000 to help cover the costs, and those accepted to participate will receive an interest-free loan of up to $5,000 each.

The guidelines state the target age is between 15 to 35, but they are “able to wave this based on specific circumstances.” Apart from the glaring benefit of starting your own business and scoring $5,000, the Startup 100 will give you foundational skills to successfully operate your own business and “develop an entrepreneurial mindset.”

32 students from 18 communities have already signed up for the program. Michael Sanderson, the centre’s manager of skills development and training, stated, “What this is truly about is getting innovation, entrepreneurship and excitement going in these communities… We’ve had everything from housing developments and computer companies to landscaping and photography.”

Update: In an email to BetaKit, Jared Perry Project Manager and the Sobey School of Business, stated, “At this point things are moving very fast. The Startup 100 enrollment has virtually doubled in the last two weeks with 68 participants signed up across 33 communities in Nova Scotia. It’s inspiring.”

Source: Startup 100
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