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Frank and Oak to continue operations with backing from Unified Commerce Group (BETAKIT)

The Unified Commerce Group is set to purchase the assets of Modasuite Inc., which operates as Canadian clothing retailer Frank and Oak.

Rising COVID-19 numbers prompt calls to bring back hazard pay for retail workers (CBC)

While some companies offered so-called hero pay to essential workers at the outset of the pandemic, most wage premiums ended as the first wave ebbed.

Walmart Canada is hiring 10,000 new workers immediately in e-commerce retail boom (FINANCIAL POST)

Since the pandemic, the retail giant has doubled or tripled its online orders.

Instacart bags $200M in fresh funding (CRUNCHBASE)

The funding comes nearly four months after the San Francisco-based grocery pickup and delivery company announced it had raised a $225 million financing round led by DST Global and General Catalyst.

Customers still like to shop in person, even if they get only to the curb (NEW YORK TIMES)

Online orders have surged for retailers in the pandemic, as curbside pickup helps Americans satisfy their desire to hop in a car and drive to the store.

Shopify working with Google on YouTube e-commerce trials (BETAKIT)

Shopify is reportedly working on an integration with YouTube that could see the video-sharing platform become an e-commerce hub for parent company Google.

This startup raised $50 million to put holograms in your next car (FAST COMPANY)

Holographic display tech could help with navigation and safety in the near term, but the real prize is autonomous driving.

What today’s tech founders can learn from companies that survived the 2008 financial crisis (BETAKIT)

Wave CEO Kirk Simpson and Axonify CEO Carol Leaman share lessons learned from 2008 so today’s founders can fight back against #COVID19.

Retailers brace for more pandemic trouble (RETAIL DIVE)

An uneasy economy and relentless disease outbreak are threatening a repeat of the second quarter as the holidays approach.

How coronavirus changed the retail landscape (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated a major shift in the retail industry.

New federal COVID-19 rent relief program allows businesses to directly apply (BETAKIT)

The Government of Canada is launching a new federal rent relief program for businesses amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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