Ridesharing app Facedrive launches with CO2 emissions reduction plan


Facedrive, a new Toronto-based ridesharing service, has officially launched an app that estimates the CO2 emissions for each car journey and determines the equivalent monetary value that will be donated to a local charity.  

The project was started in partnership with the Toronto Parks and Tree Foundation (TPTF), an organization that works on park development and helps to improve the health of Toronto’s urban forests. The app, which is licensed throughout Ontario, introduces a carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction plan for its ridesharing platform.

“The ridesharing model can shift to reward drivers for their hard work, while offering riders a premium experience.”

“We are excited to partner with Facedrive. We really like their local focus and their commitment to improve our community,” said Carla Grant, executive director of Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation. “This is a creative solution to tackling an important issue. Planting trees is one of the most cost-effective ways we can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and an investment in urban trees increases the positive impact.”

Facedrive offers standard ridesharing services, including real-time car requests, per journey fare, and estimated time of arrival. It gives 33 percent of Facedrive’s annual profits to its driver’s network, and promises that drivers earn 85 percent to 90 percent of journey fare plus tips. While the service is currently only available in Toronto, the company is planning to expand to Montreal and Stockholm.

“We believe things can be done differently,” said Irfan Khan, president of Facedrive. “The ridesharing model can shift to reward drivers for their hard work, while offering riders a premium experience that positively contributes to the wellbeing of the environment.”

The Facedrive ride fee structure gives riders a choice between sedans and SUVs. For sedans, the base fare is $2.50, 18 cents per minute, 81 cents per km, as well as a $2.75 service fee. For SUVs, the base fare is $5.00, 35 cents per minute, $1.50 per km as well as a $2.75 service fee.

While riders are given the choice between electric vehicles (EV), hybrids, and traditional fuel-based cars, the app’s algorithm keeps these factors in mind and doesn’t require emissions offsetting from EVs.

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Aeman Ansari

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