Report: One-third of Canadian businesses fail to invest in mobile


New research suggests that many Canadian businesses may need to get with the times. According to SOTI, nearly one third of companies in the country are failing to invest in mobile technology.

SOTI is a major provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, and enlisted Arlington Research to carry out the study, which identified the views of senior executives and remote workers around the globe.

Notably, only 35 percent of Canadian remote workers feel IoT is “critical” to business success. As well, respondents mentioned that their employers who did take advantage of mobile tech did so inefficiently.

Forty-seven percent of Canadian employees surveyed said that their organizations would not block unsanctioned apps. Furthermore, 33 percent of employees noted their organization had no strict rules about downloading unsanctioned apps onto work devices.

“Leaders must act now to stay ahead of the pace of change, or risk finding their business adrift.”

For comparison, while 48 percent of employees in the UK stated their organizations blocks unsanctioned apps, only 35 percent of Canadian respondents said their organizations did the same. These figures certainly don’t help people feel safe about their jobs, with one-quarter of Canadians surveyed saying they’re worried they may be terminated if their work devices stop working.

Finally, 56 percent of respondents say they worry they’ll lose critical information, while 46 percent said they think it will impact negatively on their customer relationships.

“As the future becomes increasingly mobile, devices and tools are being embedded with software, sensors and connectivity at a rapid pace,” Carl Rodrigues, CEO and founder of SOTI, said in a press release. “The research highlights a lack of integrated mobility tools to secure, support and enable their front-office, back-office and workers in the field. Many organizations are using mobility for the basics, but do not know how to implement the next level of mobile integration to transform their workforce.”

He said it’s now or never if companies want to remain competitive. “Leaders must act now to stay ahead of the pace of change, or risk finding their business adrift while the competition rides the wave of the mobility tsunami.”

A summary of the report can be found here.

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Bradly Shankar

Fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University.

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