RBC to invest $1.1 million into Actua’s Future Skills Program

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RBC Foundation recently pledged a $1.1 million investment in Actua’s Future Skills program, which assists in developing employability skills for students, preparing them to be leaders in the workplace.

“This program addresses a critical gap in employability skills among students who are about to enter the workforce.”

The program launched last year, and is available to the 1,000 undergraduate students across Canada who work for Actua’s university and college-based members. The students are currently enrolled in STEM fields, and are given the opportunity to gain employment experience, as well as, training and coaching for success in the workplace.

“This program addresses a critical gap in employability skills among undergraduate students who are about to enter the workforce, and sets them up to be leaders in inclusive innovation,” said Jennifer Flanagan, CEO of Actua. “It also equips them with essential skills such as leadership, problem-solving, risk-taking, financial literacy, and cultural competency.”

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Actua is a coding non-profit focused on providing STEM education programs to youth in Canada. Last year, Actua received $10 million from the Canadian government’s CanCode program. In the same year, Actua also received $1.5 million from Google to continue its Codemakers program, which offers year-round computer science workshops for kids.

The partnership between Actua and RBC is a part of RBC’s Future Launch Program, a 10 year, $500 million commitment to assist youth with their future careers. Through Actua, RBC said it plans on helping youth access meaningful employment through developing practical skills.

“As digital and machine technology advances, the next generation of Canadians will need to be more adaptive, creative, and collaborative, adding and refining skills to keep pace with a world of work undergoing profound change,” said John Stackhouse, senior vice-president for the office of the CEO at RBC.

The investment announcement was originally made by Stackhouse at a panel on the Future of Work: the Coming Skills Revolution, hosted by the Canadian Club of Ottawa.


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