Quebec-based Supercluster Scale AI launches call for projects

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The Quebec-based AI-powered supercluster, Scale AI, has launched a call for projects across Canada looking for industries to propose collaborative projects that could impact supply chains.

“We have spent several months working with industry and we are very happy to launch our first activities”

The Supercluster, which received $230 million from the federal government and $30 million from the Government of Quebec, aims to make Canada an international leader in the field of AI applications in supply chains. To respond to funding needs expressed by industries, Scale AI has created an independent project evaluation committee to select the most relevant projects.

“With this launch, Scale AI will be able to implement the elements of its strategy by funding collaborative projects that will position Canadian industry as one of the most advanced in the world,” said Julien Billot, president and CEO of Scale AI.

The organization stated that it is now fully operational and ready to distribute funding. Scale AI has known since February 2018 that it had been chosen alongside four other Superclusters for the federal government’s Supercluster Initiative. All five organizations received their funding in the Fall. To date, only BC-based Digital Technology Supercluster has announced projects.

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Scale AI is now calling for projects that combine machine learning, operational research, and data science that can be applied to supply chains. The grant amounts from the Supercluster will be contingent upon several factors, including the level of collaboration, the integration of AI, and the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in projects.

The five Superclusters are charged with building a shared competitive advantage that attracts research, investment, and talent by addressing gaps, increasing business expenditures on R&D and advancing a range of business-led innovation and technology leadership. The Superclusters are also meant to generate new companies and commercialize new products that position firms to scale and strengthen collaborations between private, academic, and public sector organizations.

“We have spent several months working with industry and we are very happy to launch our first activities that will call for many more in the near future,” said Hélène Desmarais, co-chair of Scale AI’s board of directors.

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