Project: SPACES Demo Day Shows Off Six Toronto Startups

Toronto’s Project: SPACES coworking space network hosted its first ever “demo day” last week at one of its locations, Project: OWL, on Queen Street West in Toronto.

It’s other location, Project: RHINO, is located on King Street West.

Cofounder Neil Martin said that a “packed house of nearly two-hundred founders, investors and friends gathered for a special showcase hosted by Project: SPACES – the city’s fastest growing network of shared office for young entrepreneurs.” Six startups showcased their technology to the crowd, while Project: SPACES’ cofounder Jeffrey Howard interview each company on stage.

The companies were as follows:

Hotsauce – Founded by Tehsin Bhayani, HotSauce solves #foodieproblems by helping you choose the best dish for you from the menu.

Wisewords – Founded by Dawson Whitfield, Wisewords is a platform that connects students with the people doing their dream job for 1-to-1 advice.

IPPINKA – Founded by Jerry Chang, IPPINKA curates distinctive products from around the world for people who truly appreciate design.

Wutzwhat – Cofounded by Aaron Tench and Emery Bishop, Wutzwhat is an urban curation app that helps you get the most out of big city life. – Create the soundtrack to your life with Founded by Andrew Konoff, ex-marketer at GoInstant/Salesforce.

Canvas – Founded by Vanessa Lee, Canvas is an email-based, collaborative blogging platform.

hotsauceThe format was a “refreshing shift from the more traditional Powerpoint-driven pitches you might normally see,” according to Project: SPACES. “Pitches are for boardrooms,” said Howard. “Instead we really wanted to showcase the passion of these founders, and I think we did that.”

The format allowed each founder to present their creation in their own way. Some used videos or music, while others focused on their “origin story” or a live product demo.

The event was sponsored by Rolling Rock, Uber and Now Creative Group.

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