PopRX hopes to reduce barriers to prescription access with innoviCares partnership

Toronto-based PopRx, which allows users to organize and manage prescriptions from the phone, has announced a partnership with Halifax-based STI Technologies’ innoviCares program.

innoviCares is a free prescription savings card for Canadians that works like an insurance card to provide savings on certain medications at the point of purchase. innoviCares currently counts organizations like Ontario Cancer Canada and Melanoma Network of Canada among its partners.

Through the partnership, Canadians that receive prescription medications through PopRX can use their innoviCares card at the same time.

“We are lucky to be a health tech company in Canada, where we can connect with other Canadian health partners, like innoviCares, who share our vision for reducing costs and increasing access to vital medication for all Canadians,” said Dr. Ali Esmail, CEO of PopRx. “innoviCares is a great product, and many of our customers, and Canadians everywhere, had no idea that services like this existed, which is why we have integrated it into our PopRx app. We see this as a huge step forward for access to affordable medication that people need across the country.”

This is PopRX’s second partnership to date, as the company most recently partnered with Ask The Doctor in March. The company received $100,000 from Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein and OMX founder Nicole Verkindt.

STI Technologies’ last reported funding was $17 million in 2013 to accelerate its expansion. “Partnering with PopRx was a natural fit for us,” said Dave Morton, EVP of STI Technologies. “Integration with the PopRx mobile app is just another way we can help patients gain access to medications of their choosing, based on their physician’s advice.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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