PointClickCare acquires Patient Pattern to support healthcare providers’ transition to value-based care

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Patient Pattern allows management for both fee-for-service and value-based care models in one platform.

Toronto-based healthtech firm PointClickCare has acquired Patient Pattern, part of its broader strategy to transition to value-based care.

Value-based healthcare is a delivery model that allows providers to be paid based on patient health outcomes. Healthcare professionals are compensated for helping patients improve their health and reduce the effects of chronic disease. In the traditional method, providers are paid based on the amount of healthcare services they deliver.

PointClickCare supports the value-based care model by giving clinicians immediate access to real-time patient data.

United States company Patient Pattern provides an integrated platform for value-based care electronic health records, servicing Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans, ACO REACH participants, and PACE programs. Additionally, its workflow management program allows practice providers who are transitioning to value-based care models to manage both traditional fee-for-service and value-based care functions in a unified platform.

PointClickCare’s acquisition of Patient Pattern will help the former in facilitating providers’ transition to value-based care by unifying it and their existing care delivery models in one platform.

The integration of Patient Pattern builds on PointClickCare’s existing value-based care offering. PointClickCare currently supports the value-based care model by giving clinicians immediate, point-of-care access to real-time insights throughout the patient’s journey. Value-based care models are typically data-driven in that health organizations must look at patient’s health data for risk assessment.

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Founded in 1995, PointClickCare provides software solutions for the post-acute and elderly care markets. As of this year, PointClickCare claims there are more than 26,000 skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and home health agencies that use its platform.

Including its acquisition of Patient Pattern, PointClickCare has been active in growing its integrated network of care solutions through partnerships and acquisitions. In 2020, PointClickCare closed its acquisition of Collective Medical, which provides a real-time care notification, activation, and collaboration platform. In 2022, PointClickCare bought Audacious Inquiry for more than $250 million, representing the former’s ninth acquisition deal at the time.

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