PocketHealth wants to help medical imaging centres and patients connect through mobile


For Canadians that are frustrated with the challenges of accessing healthcare records — Toronto-based PocketHealth is trying to provide some solution.

Pitching on The Disruptors, PocketHealth’s platform allows medical imaging centres to share medical scans with patients on their mobile phone or tablet.

“Healthcare technology varies significantly from clinic to clinic and even between hospitals, and integrating into each of these different systems is a mess,” said PocketHealth CEO Rishi Nayyar. “The [PocketHealth] platform is flexible enough that we can reach in, grab data regardless of what system it’s stored in and get it where it needs to go.”

Co-host Amber Kanwar said that sending images directly to patients could be an interesting idea — but that assisting with interpretation of data should be taken into account.

“I think anyone in the healthcare system would agree that there needs to be an easier way to access your files rather than getting them burned onto a CD and then walking that CD to a professional,” said Kanwar. “And sometimes the images are not as valuable as a doctor actually reporting on them. So if you get an MRI and you give it to your GP, they don’t know what to do with it. They need the report that goes along with it from a doctor that has read it.”

Watch the full pitch below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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