PlexiDrone by DreamQii raises over $460,000 on Indiegogo, signs on Henry’s as distributor

The Drones are coming. DreamQii, a robotics company out of the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University, has successfully managed to quadruple its crowdfunding efforts on Indiegogo and raise an impressive $460,000 in one month for its PlexiDrone. In addition, the company announced that they will be not only manufacturing the drone in Canada, but have also secured a distribution agreement with Henry’s Camera and will officially be available this Spring.

DreamQii states that along with the Indiegogo money and the retail agreements bring combined sales to $1 million.

“Since we launched our crowdfunding campaign, the response from our backers has been overwhelmingly positive and we are well ahead of our sales projections,” said Klever Freire, an aeronautical engineer and co-founder and CEO of DreamQii. “We are truly grateful for the worldwide support from everyone who funded the campaign.”


Ian Hardy

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  1. Avatarsays: Juanchui

    Is this for real? Ive never heard of Henry’s lol. Didnt see this one Plexidrone’s youtube channel or support site. If this is true it will make things easier to buy when the release date is announced. By then there will be more reviews of the Plexi Drone, so excited for this to happen!!!

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