Plasticity Labs can tell if your employees hate you

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Neuroplasticity might sound like a concept for the future, but for Plasticity Labs, it’s a tool that companies can use to help improve productivity today.

Plasticity Labs helps companies understand how their employees feel every day, and correlates that information to company performance so that they can invest in initiatives that actually make employees happy. It uses the concepts of neuroplasticity, positive psychology, data analytics, and daily micro EI training to improve individual and organization happiness. Plasticity Labs founder Jim Moss calls it “non-creepy data collection”, as the platform asks employees how they feel as often as every day, and creates a stock chart tracking it over an extended period of time.

“Human sentiment is very predictive of the performance of human interactions, and we’re performing every day in the workplace so it became obvious that we needed to give people the tools to be in a better frame of mind,” he said. “We’re able to improve how people feel while they’re at work and reduce the volatility of their sentiment. And that is highly predictive of how they interact with each other and therefore how much work gets done.”

The company currently has 40 customers including Lululemon, TD Bank, and Manulife. Co-host Amber Kanwar noted that Moss’ story in particular was interesting, as it highlights the company’s idea of using neuroplasticity to help employees. “He’s a former lacrosse player and he was injured to the point where he couldn’t walk and he used some of these techniques, and that’s how he got into it,” Kanwar said.

Watch the whole pitch below:

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