PetBot uses AI to let your pets send you selfies


PetBot, a recent pitch on The Disruptors, has developed a device to change the way people interact with their pets while they’re away from home.

PetBot allows pet owners to see their pets live, play sounds, and drop treats. The device also uses artificial intelligence to detect when the pet is approaching and sends a selfie to the owner’s phone. With PetBot’s app, users can access a live feed and notifications of their pet’s behaviour immediately.

“We’re disrupting the way people think about interacting with their pets,” said Zoran Grabovac, a co-founder of PetBot. “Instead of just having one-way interaction where you can see the pet, we want to make sure it’s truly two-way so that they can give you something as well.”

Co-host Bruce Croxon says PetBot is neat in that it can recognize when a certain animal is approaching the device, such as a dog versus a cat.

“I’m waiting for the added innovation of [recognizing] the dog’s facial expression changes,” said Croxon. “If you’re a pet owner…dog selfies? Doesn’t get any better.”

Watch the full pitch below:

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