Peerio hopes its platform will make team communication private and productive


As more companies rely on messaging apps to collaborate, companies across industries are thinking about how to ensure that the information in these channels is both private and secure.

One Montreal-based company, Peerio, is working to be at the forefront of secure and productive communication. Peerio’s platform allows users to collaborate in a more secure way with end-to-end encryption, while also giving users the ability organize information into channels and chats so teams can be more productive.

“We actually protect the information at creation. So information that is stored on a server or a cloud is already protected,” said Peerio CEO Vincent Drouin.

Co-host Amber Kanwar said she sees this encryption technology becoming a larger phenomenon for most messaging platforms. “Encryption is something very important, but it also feels like I can get that anywhere. WhatsApp is encrypting, and BlackBerry — this is a big push for them,” said Kanwar.

Co-host Bruce Croxon suggested that this market saturation is likely Peerio’s biggest challenge, but the technology could be different. “It’s a huge issue that people are trying to solve. So he’s after solving a problem — how he can do it versus the competitors, I’d be interested to see.”

Watch the full pitch below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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