One Man’s Trash Is the Dragons’ Den’s Treasure: Woodstock’s Modern Waste Products Woos Investors

I love Dragons’ Den.

I love when old rural Ontario couples who remind me of my parents pitch the dragons and go home with funding. I love when 16-year-olds like Max Schellenberg walk into the den with such confidence, and communicate to five rich and successful people why they should give him money.

Who doesn’t enjoy the show’s entertainment value?

I can probably count Woodstock-based startup Modern Waste Products as one of the shows fan’s, after last night’s episode. After all, founder Mark Hanson walked out of the den with funding offers from both David Chilton and Bruce Croxon, the former cofounder of LavaLife.

Apparently the three minutes of footage aired on last night’s episode represented over 40 minutes of discussion between the investors and Hanson. His product, called the BinPak, is the same size as a standard waste bin but holds up to six times the amount of trash.

“It was a terrific opportunity, and it will help us create awareness of the BinPak,” said Hanson. “By being featured on Dragons’ Den, we hope we can discover a few motivated distributors for the BinPak. We have been able to increase the general knowledge and visibility of the BinPak through the show and we are optimistic that this has created the opportunity for us to engage potential corporate partnerships in the future.”

The BinPak transforms waste management by offering businesses a way to save on their waste removal costs as well as enhancing workplace safety. By holding more waste it means fewer trips for disposal trucks, reducing costs for companies as well as carbon emissions. It also offers a front loading system, making it simple for staff to load the bin with less overhead lifting and less spillage.

Founded in 2010, Modern Waste Products Inc. specializes in the design, production and distribution of innovative solutions to waste management. Best known for the BinPak, the company creates simple and effective solutions to bulky business waste disposal, with products designed for business profitability, workplace safety and positive environmental impact. Based in Woodstock, Ontario, Modern Waste Products supplies businesses across Canada and the United States.

Dragons’ Den is a Canadian television reality show based on the internationally franchised Dragons’ Den format which started in Japan. The Canadian version’s first season was in 2006, and the show is currently in its eighth season. The current roster of dragons includes Chilton, Croxon, Kevin O’Leary, Arlene Dickinson and Jim Treliving.

An encore episode of Dragons’ Den airs on Sunday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBC Television.

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