hopes artificial intelligence will help build better human relationships

Co-founder and CEO of Paul Teshima.

Artificial intelligence is set to transform every industry — including companies that are focused on facilitating better human relationships.

Pitching on The Disruptors, Nudge.AI explained how it integrates into a salesperson’s communications platforms, including email, calendar, and phone, and monitors relationships to ensure that you aren’t losing touch. The company has a free offering with 50,000 users on the platform, and a business offering launched recently that has over 20 customers.

“The R in CRM still only stands for record management. No one has really figured out how to understand and leverage relationships in growing a business,” said Paul Teshima, co-founder of Teshima and his co-founder, Steve Woods, are also part of the founding team behind Eloqua, which exited for $957 million to Oracle.

Speaking live from last week’s Elevate Toronto event, co-hosts Bruce Croxon and Amber Kanwar — with special guest Tony Lacavera, founder of Globalive — talked about the founding team’s “great Canadian success story” from their time at Eloqua.

“As an investor, when you see someone do it twice, let alone three times, the risk is all in the people,” said Croxon.

Kanwar recalled hearing about their company before, and said that the company had pivoted to add a layer of artificial intelligence. “But is this an area that needs artificial intelligence?” she asked.

“There’s no question about it,” said Lacavera. “When you think about marketing campaigns and using feedback from all the data that’s out there…I think it’s interesting, but even more important for these guys is integration with Salesforce and Slack.”

Watch the whole pitch below:

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