NorthStar partners with nation of Luxembourg to develop clean Space initiative

NorthStar Earth - Space Inc--Luxembourg and NorthStar to coopera

NorthStar Earth and Space, a Montreal-based startup developing an earth and space platform tracking space debris, has formed a partnership with the nation of Luxembourg to work on a Clean Space initiative.

NorthStar’s platform will operate from space to image and analyze Earth’s ecosystems and orbit on a daily basis.

The new initiative will evaluate the use of NorthStar Earth and Space Information services with the assistance of Luxembourg’s insurance, financial, and satellite operator communities, to address some of the critical issues related to space traffic management, sustainable commercialization of space activities, insurance products for space operations, and satellite operational challenges.

“The proposed cooperation with NorthStar is in line with Luxembourg’s efforts in developing high-fidelity space situational awareness to protect the space environment beyond our planet and in promoting earth observation to better understand the complexity of our planet and monitor its health,” Étienne Schneider, deputy prime minister and minister of the economy of Luxembourg. “Both fit perfectly into our national data-based innovation strategy that aims at building a sustainable and reliable digital economy.”

Slated for launch in 2021, NorthStar’s platform will operate continuously from space to capture and analyze the details of Earth’s ecosystems and surrounding orbit. The platform will be based on a satellite constellation equipped with hyperspectral, infrared, and optical sensors. NorthStar hopes its technology will change the way governments, industry, and NGOs make decisions to foster sustainable development and create a safer near-space environment for satellites.

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NorthStar recently signed an agreement with the Canadian Commercial Corporation regarding a proposed project that would provide commercially available data about the Earth and its orbit amid growing concerns about the risks posed by space debris.

“NorthStar is honoured to have the visit of Deputy Prime Minister Schneider,” Stewart Bain, CEO of NorthStar Earth and Space. “NorthStar and its international partners are pleased to collaborate with Luxembourg to enable the sustainability of our environment in space with the global Clean Space initiative. Luxembourg is uniquely positioned to provide value-added services within the insurance and financial industry and home to many satellite companies who will benefit from this project.”

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