Nicoya Lifesciences, RENOMii and TeTechS graduate from the Accelerator Centre

Kitchener-Waterloo based Accelerator Centre has announced that Nicoya Lifesciences, RENOMii and TeTechS have graduated from its program.

Nicoya Lifesciences, founded by University of Waterloo researcher Ryan Denomme, uses nanotechnology to create affordable analysis instrumentation for medical researchers.

RENOMii, a former Communitech company, is a cloud-based software business that allows for easier communication between homeowners and contractors during a renovation.

TeTechS, founded by University of Waterloo PhD Daryoosh Saeedkia, uses terahertz waves to find previously undetectable objects and defects in advanced manufacturing processes, solving customer problems that cannot be addressed using visible, infrared and x-ray vision sensors. The company’s terahertz sensors will also soon be featured on an upcoming episode the Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made program.

Paul Salvini, CEO of the Accelerator Centre, said, “Once again we are graduating companies from our program that represent a wide diversity of technologies and industries. While the industries served and problems addressed by Nicoya, RENOMii and TeTechS are vastly different, each company has leveraged their experience at the Accelerator Centre to build a strong and sustainable business, with the potential for large-scale growth and impact.”

The Accelerator Centre is funded through the Federal and Provincial Governments, Ontario Centres of Excellence, the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, the City of Waterloo, and the University of Waterloo, along with industry and academic partners. Since 2006, the Accelerator Centre has helped develop over 180 early-stage tech start-ups and assisted to create over 1,200 jobs, and generated over $500 million in revenue and funding.


Ian Hardy

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