New Survey Urges Recent Canadian Tech Grads to ‘Find An Internship’

Results from a new survey advises that recent tech grads should find an internship and to “keep learning new skills to stay current.”

The survey was conducted with 270 Canadian chief information officers at technology companies, and was sponsored by Robert Half Technology.

Oddly, not once was “start your own company” an option among the highlights revealed in a release. That notion seems to be the de-facto cry of the Canadian technology community, let alone the nation’s startup community. While there’s nothing wrong with young graduates getting a (hopefully paid) internship, the survey’s results could be seen to have gone against modern tech mentality, which typically advocates a “start your own business and try-and-fail as fast as possible” methodology.

“Due to the fast-paced nature of the tech industry, employers are always interested in hiring employees who are up-to-date on the latest software, tools and trends,” said Deborah Bottineau, a senior Regional Manager of Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group. “Job seekers looking to succeed should be prepared to keep themselves current so they can hit the ground running with minimal training.”

More than half (57 percent) of of respondents said the best career advice for new grads entering the tech industry is to keep learning new skills and stay current in their field. Fifteen percent of respondents said they’d tell first-time job seekers to take any opportunity that will help them get a foot in the door with an employer.

Robert Half Technology offered four tips for those new technology graduates:

  1. Find an internship: “Check with your alma mater or a local university about post-graduate internship programs. Some employment sites also list these opportunities. Contact potential employers directly to find out if they offer paid or unpaid internships.”
  2. Explore volunteering: “Nonprofit organizations, like any business, rely on technology to operate, but don’t always have the resources to hire full-time tech talent. Offering your IT expertise on a pro-bono basis helps you earn real-world experience while doing work that benefits others.”
  3. Earn relevant certifications: “Review job descriptions to find out what certifications are in demand for the technology roles you seek. A simple online search can help you find out how and where to earn those credentials.
  4. Pursue project work: “Consider working with a staffing agency that specializes in placing IT candidates. A reputable firm can help you find part-time or project opportunities while you look for a full-time position. These services also can connect you with training and continuing education that will help improve your marketability.”


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